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Good at Language, struggling with Math?
Don't let the GMAT get in the way of your future. This is:

The only self-paced fundamentals course
that is
specifically designed for the Quantitative section of the GMAT.

Oh my 



From zero to hero

Girl studying the Oh my GMAT course

on GMAT Quant


By joining the Oh My GMAT! course, you will gain all the resources and guidance you need, so you will achieve:


  • A strong mathematical foundation necessary for the GMAT;

  • Extensive fundamental knowledge on all GMAT Quant topics;

  • Clarity into which modules, subjects and topics you could be tested on;

  • The ability to spot the intention of a question;

  • A step-based approach for every type of question;

  • The skill set to apply one of many formulas the right way;

  • Insight and understanding of plenty of useful tips, tricks and shortcuts;

  • The confidence to tackle the Quant section with ease!


4 modules 32 sections 1 all-in course

Word problems




  • A self-paced, online learning environment; 

  • All possible GMAT Quant topics thoroughly explained;

  • 4 modules, 32 sections, short powerful paragraphs;

  • Practice questions per section, including feedback on your answers;

  • 100's of explanatory illustrations, specifically designed for this course;



Course Oh my Gmat on Tablet and phone

  • 100's of helpful tips and examples; 

  • Priority email support;

  • Compatible for all your devices, smartphone included;

  • Hard-copy certificate of completion.

This course is not for everyone

It is specifically designed for motivated potentials who need guidance with building the math skills that are required for passing the GMAT Quant.

  • You have studied math a long time ago, or not too serious, either way, you need a good (re)building of fundamental knowledge.


  • You need to be guided through all the Quant sections, but still want to determine the pace yourself.

  • You are willing to put in the work, because you understand that the quant section of the GMAT is not thought overnight.

Student studying the Oh my GMAT online course

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Learn the basics of Arithmetic, Algebra, Word Problems and Geometry.


See if our style of learning fits your needs

We hear you. 

Stop stalling.

Take off! 

Scroll through what you'll learn during the course:

Don't miss out on a bright future because of a math test.

Grab your future by the tail.

Oh my GMAT

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